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FS: SOUNDSTORM SFX Sound Effects Library (Oscar winning)

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  • FS: SOUNDSTORM SFX Sound Effects Library (Oscar winning)


    I would like to sell the original SOUNDSTORM SFX Library to a serious sound designer/editor/studio - not someone who can abuse it and share it etc

    This is a treasured, famous - if not THE MOST FAMOUS - sound library collection out there. Academy Award winning SFX Library, amazing credits to its name - I don't need to tell you about it. We all know what Soundstorm is.

    Hence, I will NOT sell to anyone. I will sell to a person/studio with credentials who will use it and treat it with the seriousness it deserves - and not share it with anyone else.

    The library comes on its original Soundstorm hard drive. Everything in its original carrying case from Soundstorm. All cables and accessories (hard drive stand etc) SEALED still inside the carrying case.


    Non-negotiable, this is beyond a bargain.

    THANK YOU and looking forward to hearing from you!
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    I'll give ya ten bucks for it. I'm new to the game. I can use it for a wedding gig I got coming up. Let me know asap.


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      is he laughing?


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        I'll raise you and bid $12. When does the auction expire?
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          Do you know what the Soundstorm SFX Library really is?

          Look online and see where you can find it for remotely this price.
          Answer - nowhere. It's more than double.

          This is the original Soundstorm library which is a prized possession in most high-end audio suites.

          But hey - I appreciate the bumps!
          Cheers and all the best guys.


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            Still available!


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              Still available!


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                Reducing to only $1,500!