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Like new P4K for sale. Optional Metabones 0.64XL speed booster.

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  • Like new P4K for sale. Optional Metabones 0.64XL speed booster.

    I got one of the P4Ks early to use as a test bench for raw workflow. It's been out of the box and used outside 1 time and a few times in my studio for various tests. When the P6K got released I bought that, since all of my lenses are native EF. My regular camera is a 1Dx mkII and due to the nature of what I shoot I still use that most of the time, that's why the P4K has so little record time.

    I don't need two Pocket cameras, so I'm selling the P4K. I've got a Metabones 0.64XL adapter that could become a "kit" item (but not for free).

    I've got the original box with all items—including the Resolve license— except the strap that seem to be misplaced (moved to a new office/studio). The strap might turn up as I look for it, but my confidence is rather low,

    Camera is in full working order with no known errors or marks on body, and if I'm correctly informed it can be downgraded to shoot .dng too. I think the first models can still do that—would need to verify.

    Camera was bought new by me in Switzerland from an authorised reseller (

    Will ship worldwide after payment and buyer pays/chooses shipping method. When the camera leaves my hands it becomes the (paid for) property of the buyer, who will get all proof of shipment and tracking numbers.

    If anyone here is seriously interested, get it touch and I'll make sure you can buy with confidence and can verify my identity and possession of camera.

    I had planned to sell locally, and probably will, but if this gets traction here, I can upload a few pics of the camera if that is of interest.

    I'm looking for a price close to retail. It's hard to come by and its downgrade ability to dng might actually provide some extra value.


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      Hi redjake

      You sent a friend request. We don't know each other and the only post you have here is the "PM sent" above.

      I rejected the friend request, but feel free to send me another PM with any questions you have, or just write here in the thread if it's something of a more general nature.