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FS: Blackmagic Pocket 6K (EF) - Inspected - Clean - Never powered on

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  • FS: Blackmagic Pocket 6K (EF) - Inspected - Clean - Never powered on

    EDIT: Thanks for the interest, camera no longer available.
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    I guess the hassle of returning a camera is part of the deal if you buy one and don't want it? Or did you buy it speculatively to make some poor schmuck over pay instead of "waiting"?

    Well, at least B&H has a generous return policy. Maybe too good, seeing that some users seem to have gotten cameras that were out for YouTube review of whatever...

    My camera arrived brand new as expected, and as far as I know they are in stock for $2495 in quite a few places—good if the buyer wants their own name on the receipt.


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      Now I'm thinking that B&H and Adorama are getting the returns from users who gotten those first run of the cameras that were for YouTube reviews of whatever... and now we have all this opened, scratched-up, used cameras that the retailers are trying to get rid of first. Personally, I'm going to wait until the dust settles... maybe a few months and several batches later. Some poor schmuck will over pay a used one just to have it early. Sad.