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BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera with Metabones 0.58x Speedbooster, cage, extras

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  • BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera with Metabones 0.58x Speedbooster, cage, extras


    Everything works as it should. Electronic aperture control only works with the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, not the BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera -- but works great with fully manual lenses.

    The Radioproektor Expansion Box (no longer made) plugs directly into the SBUS port and gives you LANC input, which is useful for putting a grip with a start/stop button onto the rig. It also gives you a 12V DC power input so that you can power the camera directly from another battery (or a monitor), without using a dummy battery.

    Additionally, the right angle HDMI adapter re-routes the HDMI output so that it is facing out past the back of the camera instead of the side. Two metal supports made specifically to work with this cage keep this adapter rigid, with no play and little chance for damage.

    Latest firmware installed.

    Kit includes:
    BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera
    Metabones EF-BMPCC 0.58x Speedbooster & mounting bracket
    Smallrig cage
    LP-E6 battery
    SBUS dongle
    Davinci Resolve (Standard, not Studio) & Software SD Cards
    Radioproektor Expansion Box (newer metal version with 12V DC power input socket and LANC input
    Radioproektor Arri Rosette Mount
    Camvate Wooden Handle
    Lens Caps

    $900 shipped in the Continental USA.

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    You are selling yourself short. The Micro camera supports electronic lens control, your Metabones Speed Booster May need a FW update.
    Native MFT lenses have iris and focus control with the BM Ursa Mini grip, and via Lanc with the correct Lanc controllers. In addition, the OneLittleGoat remote will control auto lenses on the Micro Camera.

    Finally, the Radioproektor Expansion box is still available, Sijan just made a new batch of them, along with his new battery box for the Micro Cameras. Good luck with your sale.
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      The Radioproektor Expansion Box (no longer made)
      This is not true. I still made those Expansion Boxes as well as other parts
      All my custom made accessories for BMMCC/BMMSC now available here


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        is this sold?