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Contax Zeiss Planar 50mm F1.4/MMJ Late Serial 9954611 Declicked

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  • Contax Zeiss Planar 50mm F1.4/MMJ Late Serial 9954611 Declicked

    ---- SOLD ----

    Extremely clean and rare late serial number Contax Zeiss lens. This lens is in pristine condition and tested throughout mechanically and optically.
    Contax Zeiss lenses usually have serials from 67xxxxx (made from year 1975) up to early 8xxxxxx made in the 90s. This one has a serial 9954611 made after year 2000!
    If you are not familiar with the Contax Zeiss lenses and how amazing they are, make sure to check the Contax Survival Guide.

    Extremely clean and in great condition. No dents or scratches on the body or glass. No fungus, haze, balsam separation or any kind of defect.
    The only way you would tell this is not a brand new lens is the usual very fine dust that's in the lenses as expected from a used lenses of this age but of course that don't affect the image.

    This is a fully manual lenses. You can convert to almost any other mount easily such as Nikon, Canon, MFT, Sony E-mount etc.
    The Iris wheel was declicked and dampened for filmmaking; it's smooth but intentionally a little "heavier" than the focus wheel so you don't accidentally turn it. It feels like a cine lenses.
    Any parts removed during the modding will be included in a small sealed bag and you can put them back together if you like.
    The focus wheel is super smooth as well and has an extremely long throw not dissimilar with a cine lens.
    The screws on the mount had their thread lock removed so you can install any permanent Leitax/Simmod mounts easily just by unscrewing these 4 screws and without worries of damaging the screws or the lenses.

    You can of course instead use any kind of non-permanent cheap CY adaptor for Canon, Nikon, MFT, Sony etc.

    The shipping is fast international tracked shipping to your country from South Korea where I live. The lens will be packaged very safely. I will send the same or next day of purchase (Monday~Friday).
    I will declare the package as "gift" and with low value so you can avoid any large import fees - still you are responsible for any import fees that might come up.

    Price is $400; Paypal and shipping fees on me.

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    Price reduced to $400; Paypal and shipping fees on me.