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FS: BMPCC+ Movcam cage/rig Samyang cine lenses+ Manfrotto Tripod, many items [UK/EU]

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  • FS: BMPCC+ Movcam cage/rig Samyang cine lenses+ Manfrotto Tripod, many items [UK/EU]

    Selling my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, in excellent condition, has stayed well protected in it’s cage with a glass screen protector on the screen!
    I love this camera, but you all know what it is capable of! Just need to raise funds.

    Many more pictures of everything here


    BMPCC Bundle - 650
    • Blackmagic Pocket cinema Camera
    • Movcam BMPCC Cage and Base mount for 15mm rods
    • HDMI and power cable lock
    • RJ/Camdiox EF-M4/3 Focal reducer (~0.72 crop reduction)
    • Kinotechnik BMPCC Viewfinder
    • 5x BMPCC batteries
    • BMPCC battery chargers (some usb, some others)
    • DC cables and adapters
    • Sandisk 95MB/s 128GB SD card

    The velcro on the tiny buttons just makes them easier to locate/press. Easily removable with no damage to camera.

    Other Items:
    • Lanparte Follow Focus v2 with hard stops SOLD
    • Samyang 35mm VDSLRII T1.5 lens & Fotodiox EF-M4/3 Adapter - SOLD
    • Samyang 14mm VDSLR T3.1 lens with lens bag - SOLD (This lens sustained some damage to the lens cover but the rest of the lens is unaffected and in excellent condition, but the lens cover unfortunately is not removable on this model.)
    • Fotodiox Vizelex ND Throttle EF/M4/3 - SOLD
    • Lilliput 5dii 7" monitor with Sunshade, 1m HDMI cable & NP2900mAh battery, DC cables for power bank to camera/monitor - SOLD
    • Manfrotto 055XPro3 Tripod with MVH502AH Fluid head -SOLD
    • Tamrac Pro12 modular gear bag, this bag is very robust, secure and well padded, incl lower brush and lens cloth- SOLD

    Smallrig components BUNDLE (All below), all very high quality and reliable. Bought for ~450 (some very recently) - 280
    • 1x NATO adjustable threaded Top Handle with 2x rod clamps and cold shoe mounts
    • 1x Shoulder mount, padded
    • 1x Dual Handle Rosette Mount
    • 1x Dogbone Handle dual rosette
    • 1x Walnut Ergonomic Handle and rosette mount
    • 1x Rod clamp to rosette
    • 1x Extra rosette
    • Large cheeseplate with 14" and 3/8" holes

    15mm threaded Rods:
    • 2x 300mm
    • 2x 200mm
    • 2x 150mm
    • 2x 100mm
    • 3x 40mm with ” threaded holes

    Rod clamps:
    • 4x Dual Rod clamps, threaded
    • 1x Quad rod clamp
    • 3x single rod clamp, flat for mounting
    • 2x right angle dual clamps
    • 1x single clamp to large flat mount
    • 1x versaframe 90 threaded rod clamp
    • 1x Long Lens support

    NATO clamps and rails:
    • 2x 100mm rails with pins
    • 1x 80mm low profile rail
    • 1x 45mm rail with pins
    • 1x rod clamp
    • 1x threaded rod clamp

    • 2x ball heads
    • 1x magic arm
    • 3x hot shoe mounts
    • Extra bolts
    • Extra Rachet screws
    • Hex keys
    • Hdmi/cable clamp
    • 3/8" to 1/4" screw adapters
    • Giottos MH630 QR plate
    • Tripod plate

    • Astro Pro 2 15000mAh power bank (DC 12v or 9v)
    • 10000mAh power bank (5/9/12v out)
    • Custom rear battery mount
    • DC multiple voltages/tips charger

    Ideally I would like to sell as a complete rig with everything, but please message me if you would like to purchase some things but not others, perhaps we can work something out.
    If I've forgotten anything in the list, it should be in the pics.

    Everything will be shipped in copious amounts of bubble wrap. Any questions please get in touch.

    EDIT: Have updated with pricing for smaller bundles/individual items.
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