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Hey Guys,
I know it may be a shot in the dark, but I was wondering if anybody would be interested in trading an URSA MINI 4.6K PL Mount for a Red One MX with plenty of accessories. I will attach everything here and if anybody is interested in either trading/buying for my Red, then don't hesitate to message me.

It has 1808 hours on it and I think the latest firmware. All ports work.Here is a list of everything that is included

Red One MX 4.5K
. (2) 320 Red Drives
. Element sdi video breakout box
. 5 inch Red Monitor w/ articulating arm
. 6 & 12 inch monitor cables
. 1 Short and 1 Long Hard Drive Cables
. HDD mounting bracket with v lock plate
. PL Mount
. Optitek Prolock Nikon Mount
. 12 inch rodsTop handle
. Dove Tail/Cheese Plate
. 2 mini xlr to xlr cable
. Top handle
. power supplybunch of screws
. (2)Axrtec DS-89S V-Mount Batteries (ive honestly never used them so idk how long they last or had good they are)
. Charger for the batteries

I can offer a local cash deal if your in the NYC area or call/text 631 three three 2 8 8 six seven for a better deal