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Anamorphic Lens: "Iscomorphot 8/1,5" Made in Germany

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  • Anamorphic Lens: "Iscomorphot 8/1,5" Made in Germany

    Hey everyone,

    my aunt from Hamburg gave me a bunch of camera equipment just recently. Apparently besides some nice 8mm video cameras and projector there also is this great little gem: an ISCO Göttingen Anamporhic Lens 8/1,5. The condition from housing seems near mint. Almost no scratches or marks. The lens itself I honestly cannot tell. I havent tested it since I don't know anything about it or have eqipment to do so
    I have the 22mm adapter for the camera and another two different adapters for projectors. All three also in mint condition.

    I'm open to help to get better photographs or whatsoever to help find out the quality of condition. I am also very open to prices, I would like to orientate it near the ebay listings. Hope to give this baby to somebody who is able to use it well.

    All the best from Berlin,
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