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FS: (Anamorphic) Isco Ultrastar Plus 2.1 plus Redstan Clamps

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  • FS: (Anamorphic) Isco Ultrastar Plus 2.1 plus Redstan Clamps


    Looking to shoot anamorphic?

    I am selling my Isco Ultrastar Plus 2.1 anamorphic projection lens with caps. In perfect condition. Stored very safely in a dry box. Known as one of the sharpest anamorphic adapters.

    Together with the Isco, I am also selling 2 Redstan clamps designed specifically for this adapter: rear clamp with 62mm thread (to attach the Ultrastar to your taking lens) and front clamp with 75mm filter thread. Redstan clamps are easily the best clamps for anamorphic adapters. Step-up rings can be included. With this combination, you are ready to shoot anamorphic!

    Selling it all for $525. Buyer pays for shipping. Cheers!

    Isco Ultrastar 1.jpg
    Isco Ultrastar 2.jpg
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    Oof, if this is still available in the next couple of weeks and I have the money I'll probably take it.. Do you have any sample videos of something that's been shot with it?
    Darren Hartman
    Asyn Film | Banana Stand Media


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      Not on sale anymore, my apologies. But I am interested in swapping for a Kowa 16H or 8Z if anyone's interested. Cheers.
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        Back on sale! Please send me a PM if you want to see some sample videos, images are gorgeous. Cheers.


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          Price drop: Isco Ultrastar Plus 2.1 with Redstan front and rear clamps for $459 shipping included. $439 with Vid-Atlantic front clamp instead of Redstan.

          Here's a screenshot from this amazing lens (shot with Leica 50mm, basic LUT applied):

          Edit: Sold!
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