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Major BMMCC Micro Package

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  • Major BMMCC Micro Package

    Asking 1,900 PP gift, buyer pays shipping and 3% fee, if you don't feel comfortable with PP Gift. Feel free to make offers on any of the items.

    BMMCC - Shoots 13 stops DR, smallest form factor and cheapest camera that allows you to shoot RAW, or even better RAW 3:1 Compressed and other great codecs such as Prores

    SmallRig Cage - Custom fit for the BMMCC

    Small Rig Wooden Handle - Adds great ergonomics for shooting

    SmallHD 501 - Perfect pairing with this camera, comes with perfectly sized HDMI cable and right angle adapter for a sleek fit

    Cinegears Controller - Small controller takes advantage of the expansion port and gives quick access to essentials such as ISO, WB, Rec, absolute must for this camera

    Metabones Nikon-BMPCC Speedbooster - Adapt Nikon and almost any type of lens to the BMMCC, widens crop factor by 0.58x and increases aperture by 1 2/3 stops. Another absolute must for the small sensor of the BMMCC.

    Nikon 35-70 - old lens but produces sharp, contrasty images in this setup.

    BMMCC and SmallHD original box and accessories

    4 LP-E6 Batteries for powering camera as well as SmallHD

    Pics here
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