I know it's out there. You KNOW you've got it.

Right now, I'm stuck with this VERY barely used SmallHD (more aptly named 'TooFreakingSmallHD') 502 field monitor and Sidefinder kit that I'm planning to unload on some unsuspecting fool who's stupid enough to believe (like I was) that 5 inches is adequate for their needs. Tiny and compact might work for Reader's Digest. But, Hell! You could lose a 502 under a Reader's Digest!

Anyway, I don't necessarily HAVE to have the specific CM171 used to fake the moon landings...although I would pay extra for it. I suppose I'd take a unit used to film something much less conspiratorial — '70s bowl haircut demos, NBC's 'Sanford and Son reunion' TV special, or the Warren Commision's final report.

I guess it really doesn't matter.

You probably haven't got one anyway. But if you do, I'll take it off your hands for peanuts...provided it works and stuff.

NOTE: SmallHD is a great company with great products. It's my own fault for underestimating my needs.