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For Sale: Brand New Formatt-Hitech Firecrest 4x4" (4mm) ND Filters

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  • For Sale: Brand New Formatt-Hitech Firecrest 4x4" (4mm) ND Filters

    Hi all,

    I recently purchased a few extra ND filters from Formatt-Hitech that I didn't end up using due to a cancelled shoot. I had two full sets already, but was planning to shoot a third camera and had to spring for a few in specific densities. I really don't need three of any of these densities, so I'm itching to get rid of them. I believe I've priced them significantly lower than I can find anywhere else. They are all BRAND NEW, still in packaging and have quality control/production dates from this year.

    These are truly awesome, cast-free filters. I pair them with a B+W 486, Firecrest UV/IR cut or a Schneider 715 depending on the setup.

    Firecrest 4x4" ND 0.3 - $90 ($199 on Amazon)
    Firecrest 4x4" ND 0.6 - $225 ($349 on Amazon) - SOLD

    Shipping to CONUS included in the price. PayPal or Venmo preferred.

    Happy to answer any questions.
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    I am interested in the ND 2.1 for $130. Are they full 4x4 or 100mmx100mm?
    Thanks DS.


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      Hi, Denny!

      They are the variation intended for use in a mattebox: 4x4" at 4mm thickness.


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        Thanks, can you hold the 2.1 for me until Friday, and I will PayPal the $130 to you.


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          Sure thing


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            Reduced price of the 2.7 filter to $200
            ND 0.6 was sold.


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              Price of 0.3 filter now an INSANE $90. Get this thing more than 50% off retail!