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FS Agenieux 17.5-70mm Super 16 Zoom Lens -- Mint Condition

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  • FS Agenieux 17.5-70mm Super 16 Zoom Lens -- Mint Condition

    SOLD. Thanks for looking.
    Selling one of my Agenieux 17.5-70mm lenses, recent CLA, parfocal and covers the BM Pocket and Micro cameras. Covers the Pocket/Micro camera sensors and the larger Micro Studio camera sensor, no vignetting. PL mount, this is a Whitehouse Audiovisual lens, and is correctly collimated, includes original screw in front cap and PL rear cap. Also will include a 40.5mm setup up ring to allow 77mm MatteBox ring or other filters attached.

    This is a f/2.2 (T/2.4) lens with both T and F stops engraved on a smooth clickless Iris ring. Focus is in both metric and imperial scales also. Zoom and focus are smooth, and has delrin hand cut follow focus gears installed on both focus and zoom rings. (Gears can be removed if desired). USD $995.00

    Special package deal for the Pocket Cinema camera, the Angie 17.5-70mm zoom plus a Wooden Camera BMPCC PL adapter that the lens back focus is set for on a Pocket Camera, so the lens gives parfocal performance without additional shimming. This has been tested on two different Pocket camera. Only $1195.00 for both.

    Sold my Pocket camera, so I do not need this setup any more. Will ship,internationally, buyer pays shipping.
    Payment by PayPal preferred.
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    Denny, could you post a link to some video. I've been looking for this lens setup for my trip next month. PM details please.


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      Any pics?
      Adam Roberts


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        John, here is a classic by Alec Moore, shot with the Angie 17.5-70 at various distances and focal lengths. The lens is slight,my soft wide open, but sharpens right up at f/3.5 and down to f/11.

        Adam, I am working in trying to add some pics.
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          The Angie Zoom has sold.


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            For those who were hoping to buy this one but missed it, I also have one for sale: