I've LOVED shooting on this camera, but it's time to part ways. This package I'm selling includes everything you'd need to be up & shooting with the BMCC, minus Canon glass.

Asking $2800 or best offer. It's on eBay, if you prefer that shopping method. (follow that eBay link to view photos there)

Bundle Includes:
Black Magic Design Cinema Camera 2.5K EF Mount
BMCC Display Hood (helps reduce glare on the touchscreen)
BMCC Charging Cable
BMCC International Power Adapters
DaVinci Resolve License
BMCC Packaging
External Battery - Pro-X Powerbase70 (extends shooting time to 3+hours!)
Battery Charging Cable
240GB SSD x2 (Kingston HyperX - shoots 3+ hours per SSD on ProRes 422, or about 40 minutes in 2.5K RAW)
SSD to USB3.0 Adapter
Thunderbolt Cable - 6 Foot
Bescore BMCC Cage, with 2 screw mounts, 2 hot shoe mounts, and two handles