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FS: Nikkor 85mm 1.4 AIS, London - 250

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  • FS: Nikkor 85mm 1.4 AIS, London - 250

    Hey everyone, picked this up a while back, but ended up purchasing a set, meaning I have two 85mm AIS copies kicking about with one camera. I could either wear them like fancy googles, or let one go to one of you lot. Photos from previous owner:


    It's had a hard, hard life. Here's the rundown.
    • Front element spotless, as far as I can tell. Rear element has cleaning marks, but doesn't affect the image,
    • Aperture is stiff but is still operational. No oil on aperture blades,
    • Stiff focus, but I've been pulling off the barrel and using a follow focus no problem.
    • Doesn't have original caps, but I'll provide fitting replacements,
    • Can provide an 80mm cine front with front cap an no extra charge, I have a spare.
    • Ridiculously fast and sharp, the best non-cine lens I've had the pleasure of using. Kills the Rokinon/Samyang dead if you like an organic look.

    I'm based in London and in central most days, so if you want to check it out on your camera, just drop me a message. Usually goes for 400 on eBay, but it probably needs a service. I paid 280, so an offer around 230 would make me very happy, and put a dent in my student loan. Will post up some frames from my own projects when I'm back in my office Monday.