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For Sale in UK: Set of vintage Leica R series primes (work with any EF or MFT camera)

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  • For Sale in UK: Set of vintage Leica R series primes (work with any EF or MFT camera)

    Edit: Photos added.

    Hi all! For sale is my set of five Leica R-series vintage primes. It’s heart-breaking to sell these but I rarely use them (not for lack a stunning image!) and so I think it’s time to move them on.

    Leica’s R series is extremely adaptable and will work on any EF mount camera, plus NEX and MFT. They cover DSLR ‘full frame’ / Vista-vision sized sensors. You can also use Metabones speedboosters with these (either the EF ones or the specific Leica R ones). They all come with extremely high quality (solid fit) stainless steel R to EF mount adapters.

    They’ve lived in a padded pelicase with a moisture absorber and the optics are all clean and beautiful. They are vintage so as you’d expect there are a few marks on the metal body work but basically they are in great condition.

    The set:

    19mm Leica Elmarit-R f/2.8
    Serial: 2868868
    Made in 1977
    Legendary lens designed by Dr. Walter Mandler.
    Original back cap, original front cap

    35mm Lecia Summicron-R f/2
    Serial: 2465911
    Made in 1972
    Original back cap, original front cap

    50mm Leica Summicron-R f/2
    Serial: 2199106
    Made in 1966
    Designed by Dr. Walter Mandler
    14160 Series VI Lens filter holder
    Series VI UVa filter
    Small mark in coating on front glass, right off to the outer edge. Doesnt affect optics.
    12564 detachable metal lens hood
    Original back cap

    90mm Leica Elmarit-R f/2.8
    Serial: 2171088
    Made in 1966
    Built-in lens hood
    14151 Series VII filter holder
    Lens storage case (plastic) with built in back cap
    Replacement front cap and replacement back cap (for use without the storage case)
    Designed by Dr. Walter Mandler

    135mm Leica Elmarit-R f/2.8
    Serial: 2468189
    Made in 1970
    Original back cap, replacement front cap

    I’m asking £2,000. Picked up in Edinburgh, Scotland. They can be posted worldwide at acutal cost. Payment would need to be by bank transfer.

    Note that prior to 1986 Leica produced their cameras branded as 'Leica' (a contraction of Leitz Camera) and their lenses branded as 'Leitz'. These lenses are prior to the branding change and so say 'Leitz' on their body. They tend to be referred to as ‘Leica’ to avoid confusion.

    Let me know if you have any questions or would like more info!
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    I am very interested but I'm a noob and don't know how to message here.
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      Interested if not sold yet.


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        Not yet sold. I'll message you with a link to photos tomorrow shenzo.


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          If you didn't buy I interested too


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            New photos added to listing.