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Two Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera Kits (BMPCC) with metabones speedboosters

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  • Two Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera Kits (BMPCC) with metabones speedboosters

    I'm selling two(2) BMPCC (Black Magic Pocket Cinema Cameras) kits with lot of extras. I prefer to sell them as a kit but am now willing to piece it out (see below prices.

    I've decided to get out of wedding video production and am now focusing on still photography. I've had these cameras for 6 months. All my gear is treated very well, speedboosters have been on the cameras since I first got them so the sensors are never exposed and cages have also been on the camera bodies since the beginning. Cameras currently have the latest firmware loaded. I have boxes for the speedboosters and BMPCCs. Each kit retails for around $2,800 so this is way under retail price.

    Here is what's included in each kit and their individual prices:

    2 BMPCC - Sold

    2 Metabones EF to BMPCC speedbooster - Sold

    12 Sandisk Extreme Plus 128GB SD cards (records prores without skipping and records RAW for 30-120 seconds without skipping (depending on the scene and how much movement) I shoot pre-wedding shots in RAW and then switch to prores for the actual wedding that requirs longer clips - 7 left, $100 each

    2 Silver Hard 8 SD card holder - $10 each

    2 Gini Rig Cage (very solid) - $100 each

    2 woodcamera coldshoe mount - Sold

    1 fotodiox EF to micro 4/3 dumb adapter with iris ring - $40

    2 switchtronix pocketbase solo - 1 left, $50

    2 generic pocketbase solo - $10 each

    2 Black Magic Battery - sold

    2 Wassabi Battery and Charger - sold

    If interested, please private message me with your email address.

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    Reduced prices and now willing to break out the Kits


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      One of the BMPCC's have sold as well as 1 of the SD cards. Still have two metabones speedboosters and 1 BMPCC.


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        Price for a speedbooster shipped to the UK?


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          550 + shipping. I believe shipping to the UK is going to be around $60.

          Two more SD cards sold, 9 left.


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            Both BMPCCs have been sold as well as one of the speedboosters. One speedbooster left and 8 SD cards left. Cages are still available as well as pocket-base solos.


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              Can I see a pic of the cage? I'm interested


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                Hey mjamerson,

                Here are a couple images of the cage. It's very solid, no play and has lots of places to mount accessories (these are generic images of it). Mine are in near perfect condition if you want actual pictures let me know:




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                  Both BMPCCs, all batteries, and Both Speedboosters have been sold. I still have a bunch of 128GB SD cards, 2x cages and 2x pocketbase solos (LPE6)


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                    7 Sandisk Cards left


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                      1 switchtronix Pocketabse sold, 1 left.

                      Wood Camera Cold Shoe mounts are sold.