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WTT 2 x BMPCC's for 2 x BMCC MFT's

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  • WTT 2 x BMPCC's for 2 x BMCC MFT's

    I have two BMPCC's and would like to trde them for 2 BMCC's with MFT mounts. Both have wooden camera cages, come with 4 x 64GB and 1 x 128GB extreme pro SD cards, I should have one more 128GB someplace but can't find it...

    one of them is a complete rig with a viewfinder but I would be keeping the v-mount mount and the battery, lens, SB and FF

    I would only want to deal with someone in NY/NJ/CT area so we could meet and do the trade in person

    I would be happy with adding some cash to the trade or some other part from the ones I have that would work with these BMPCC's

    ALSO, you would be getting single BMPCC SB as the other one I have is BMCC SB so I'm keeping it for the BMCC

    484311_uqakpkbisbnc2mzg9cwh0qgwl (1).jpg