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    but to be ekstra sure you can always record a video showing you next to the bmc box saying some password we make up and then post it online

    anyone can voice over, but not all can say it live on video with a boc in their hand, now can they :P

    (thats just so that everyone keeps their head cool, before crying out "spammer, liar, etc")

    Ps: please dont be offended by my post about if eventualy making such a clip because i dont know you and dont want to accuse you of nothing
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      Thanks Kholi.

      I am just someone that has too many cameras at the moment. I just upgraded my FS100 and 5Dmkiii in the last month and have not sold them yet and now the BMC Camera would just be waste of money. At the moment, I am very happy with the results from the FS700 with a pix recorder and raw workflow would just be an added headache for me and my client considering the level of clients I work with.

      That being said, I love toys and it is going to be tough not to play with the new camera tomorrow when I get it.


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        I'm only sad that I didn't move fast enough. D'oh. Old age and mild complacency making me slow.

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          Where are the other people who have received their shipping notices? Not just from B&H, but from every other dealer in the US and around the world? If this was really happening, this site and Blackmagic's site would be buzzing with confirmation that cameras were on their way to end users.

          I'm not trying to be a cocky bastard; I will be the first to eat crow and grovel if this actually comes through. I'm making noise because it seems abjectly impossible, and someone is going to be robbed. I feel like there's a bus headed towards a crosswalk, and I have to try to push people out of the way.

          If it's not too late, please be careful. And if you make a deal to buy this, please post a public notice in case you're not the only one.
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            pretty simple to call the bluff, just ask to see a screenshot of his bh order page. dolby can dark out any sensitive info he likes and prove that either he's got the one magic camera in the us, or that there's either a mixup or foulplay
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              while appreciate that folks are rightly skeptical when pursuing online purchases, I ask that folks only use this thread if they have an interest in purchasing the camera.

              Do your homework if you are interested. If you are not, don't fill up other people's threads with accusations, as I am sure you would appreciate the same courtesy.

              Please take a look again at the sticky thread for this section.


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                I am the one that he is talking to about buying the camera. I am being careful and so far everything checks out. I am optimistic that this will all turn out fine.

                Hopefully my biggest problem will be figuring out weather to just cancel my pre-order or try and find a way to transfer it to someone else (or find more money so I can have two! )
                -Michael Beck


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                  Oh get two!


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                    If you decide you are not purchasing from Mike, please let us know!



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                      Will do.
                      -Michael Beck


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                        Originally posted by mbeck View Post

                        ... weather to just cancel my pre-order or try and find a way to transfer it to someone else...
                        If all goes through, and depending on where you are in your line, I'd be interested in taking your spot on the preorder (if possible).


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                          PM'd you


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                            For the skeptics.....

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                              Thanks for the pics Mike, I also emailed you at your dolby at yahoo account earlier today, in case it doesn't work out with Michael please let me know!


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                                Mbeck was the first to jump on the sale. If for some reason it does not go through, I will let everyone know.