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Macbook Pro 17" Dual HD's, SSD Boot, 16GB RAM

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  • Macbook Pro 17" Dual HD's, SSD Boot, 16GB RAM

    Here's the eBay link.

    If someone from this forum decides they want it and offers me a decent price, I'll take it down and do a quick buy it now with them through eBay at the agreed upon price.


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    That's a great portable - don't you hate it when things like Thunderbolt come along right after you invest? I know just how it feels...
    Randy Walters


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      I have the 2009 Uni 17". Not as beefy as yours DIT but still running great.
      I will be using this for now with an eSATA SSD Dock (field).
      Since the dock is $50, I can save the rest for lenses
      Lost my train of thought forgot to add this:
      Man thats a great deal, I didnt know the 2011 can go as high as 16GB?
      Was that BTO or ?
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        I added the 16gbs myself, it's only supposed to go up to 8 but 16 works fine. Also removed the optical drive and replaced it with another hard drive. It screams, the only reason I'm replacing it is for the second tb port and more messing with the expresscard.


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          Sorry, double post.