I've got a full BMCC shooting kit that isn't getting a whole lot of use at the moment, so I'm offering it up for rent. In reality, I also need to money if I'm going to ever pay off my student loan. Here's what's up for grabs.

Body Kit:
Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT w/ Cage
BMD-Approved Intel 335 240GB SSDs
Metabones Speedbooster Nikon F to MFT
Orico SSD Dock

Swedish Chameleon Rails Rig
Swedish Chameleon Follow Focus x2
Redrock microMatte Box
Collapsible Camera Jib
Microphone Stands

Zoom H4N w/ Sennheiser Monitoring Headphones
Audio Technica AT875R Shotgun Mic

Nikkor Cinemod Lens Kit:
Tokina 11-16mm DX II f2.8 (Nikon mount)
Nikkor AIS 24mm f2
Nikkor AIS 35mm f1.4
Nikkor AIS 50mm 1.2

Comprehensive AC/Focus Puller Kit
Macbook Pro 15" w/ Adobe CC and DaVinci Scopes
Sekonic L-758 Lightmeter

Kit also comes with me: a DIT, 1st or 2nd AC with a sense of humour. Prefer wet hire, but dry hire can be offered if you really don't like me. Willing to beat local rates for the right project, student loans and all that. London-based, but can and will travel. Email RENT@MAXGREEN.CO.UK to discuss rates, thanks!