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I am an Audio Editor for hire

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  • I am an Audio Editor for hire

    I am very reasonable in terms of price.
    I work quickly and efficiently and with very very good results.

    Can also Foley.

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    Where are you based out of?


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      Originally posted by ThomasHennessy View Post
      Where are you based out of?


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        I can answer for Vanguard.

        He would have it be said, "I am based out of yo momma's bedroom. 7 nights a week." no further information has been gathered at this time.
        Forrest Schultz
        Atlas Lens Co.


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          Oops. I have been ADing my own next production. I am based out of upstate NY. This is what I do: Audio Editing. And composing scores.


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            Do you have links to any of your work? Do you have a certain specialty?


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              I can take a lot of unorganized audio and put them together. I DP, write, etc. But really my strength is in actual audio editing. For instance I worked on a piece that had like 75 tracks w/ foley and dialogue and room etc. I put it all together. Sometimes the audio comes to me from a not-so-great source for recording, bad recording device and I have to work with what I have.

              Here are some pieces I have: 1. short 2. piece from my film 3. radio placement:

              1. - It was a bit re-edited after I mixed it - I would have lifted it up to +6 or +9 - So lip stuff I would have changed but Rob is a good production guy - It was his work so ultimately it is his and I think it came out well. About 45 tracks, done in 3 days. I did a bit of foley as well. I DID NOT supply the music for this short.

              2. - This is 2hr of me putting together the audio.


              4. - Improvised in 20min. score to my production piece
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