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  • Promoting your work?

    As this didn't fit the "footage of BMC" side and is a bit hairball of a post, I'll give it a go here.

    I come from a culture (Finland) where literally people don't talk (small talk is a no-no + people prefer sitting at the other end of the bus if there's someone else in the bus already) and no-one's supposed to make noise about their skills (you will get ranted down if you show your skills in any "show" manner). How do you guys go about promoting your work?

    I've got an 18 year long background with electronic music and as "EDM" is big all around, it's become even harder to stand out from the masses. Couple that with cultural background pressures plus a small local population, and the work won't get much exposure. I've tried to learn to push myself out more and share the work more in public but sometimes just forgetting how important it is.

    "Quitting corporate video" topic gave some relief as someone wrote those few of us are lucky who get hundreds of thousands of even millions of views on their work.
    It's the same with music. I got 40 million listens on Youtube for a song in all it's different versions, and MAINLY because it got stolen in 2007 and spread by youngsters at the time with another artist's name. That sucked big time and I was furious about it, but got me new followers to defend the rights and it's still selling nicely on both iTunes + Spotify, so it's made it kind of even.

    Last year I shot and cut a video for friends' group, and the best thing was how there was kind of no quality limit and no manuscript written on the stone, so we sort of dove in with the feeling and had goofy fun without stress (except for 3 hasty days of shoot and carrying lights, the casual). And what's cooler, in a land of 5 million people they've got 1 million views on Youtube, without a record company and without ANY radio play. And I shot it with Canon Vixia HF S10 camcorder plus cheapo $16 chinese fish eye