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In the market for some new monitor speakers...

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  • In the market for some new monitor speakers...

    I'm in the market for some new monitor speakers as my current ones have seen better days.

    It's only for use at home so looking for something relatively inexpensive. I initially went to buy some Avantone Mixcube's as I like them for mid-range tuning considering most of what I do at home would be for the web, but I thought I would throw it out to the crowd before I went ahead and bought something.

    Putting it out there for ideas. I'm open to budget but preferably not wanting to spend more than 3-400

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    I use Event 8" powered reference. got them used and really like them. I very much like a powered system, no separate amp that needs to be matched to your speakers.

    It's really subjective though. I've heard great things about the KRK Rockits and the Alesis and Mackie stuff of course. There are probably over a dozen manufacturers doing entry/affordable stuff that are respected names in the big leagues (JBL, etc). That would all be for reference, mixing for stereo systems/theater etc. If you're mixing for computer playback, there's just nothing to really suggest. People listen with a tiny laptop built-in speaker, to the thousands of various plastic powered stuff, up to really nice systems (like my 150 watts of Event 8's, Apogee conversion!) etc...

    But keep in mind that every movie trailer or streaming flick people watch on the web was mixed with reference speakers in a treated room, to cinema or broadcast standards. So I mix for reference, not for the web.


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      I have a pair of KRK Rokit 5 G3 speakers and I am very happy with them.

      They are quite affordable, nice and clear sound and still packs a good punch.
      Haavard Helle