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Filmmaker mode - A good addition as a reference monitor?

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  • Filmmaker mode - A good addition as a reference monitor?

    I'm excited about the Filmmaker mode coming on future TV sets. This will allow a TV with the Filmmaker mode to be use as a reference monitor, let alone be a way to preserve how films you and I make look correct in supported TV's. What are your thoughts on this?

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    Itīs a step in the right directon.
    Lots of TVs have terrible factory-settings that mainly aim towards the regular user. High Saturation, high sharpness and too much contrast.
    This in combination with "motion-improvement" and other framerate-changing functions is something, we and/or the filmmakers donīt want and/or need.
    So this UHD Alliance could be a great thing of other manufacturers join in the future.
    It doesnīt have to be the setting for the average user, but at least you should have the option to turn on/off certain settings and functions.