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Was there any feature film shot with the big URSA 4K?

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  • Was there any feature film shot with the big URSA 4K?

    As the title says it...

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    This is the only one I know of.

    Post #20:


    A pretty above average cast too (of course some major stars at one point in life).

    More info:


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      Just one feature? The trailer looks good. Thanks bro.


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        The industry is dominated by ARRI. Then RED and then probably less than 1% for everything else.

        Of course you'll have thousands of productions shot on BM cameras (mostly for the Internet, but probably some TV & film too) at lower levels and you'll also have your random JB and the like productions that appear to use the cameras on high-end network shows, or you'll see one pop up in a major movie as a certain specialty cam (like the BMCC in MM shown below), but other than that you will not find them in Hollywood too much, especially as main cameras.

        And it could have nothing to do with the picture quality but just the fact that ARRI made the right camera at the right time and it's such an automated decision to use one of the Alexas.

        Anytime you do see someone use a Sony or a RED, etc. that person seems like he or she has an ambassador-type relationship with the company.

        (P.S. In the music business, REDs dominate.)