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Finding 1 ľ inch pipe in the UK?

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  • Finding 1 ľ inch pipe in the UK?

    Iím looking for somewhere to buy Speedrail, 1 ľ inch scheduled 40 aluminium pipe here in the UK or if not the EU. Itís been a struggle and as of yet Iíve had no success, itís not something that the usual metal suppliers have in stock and I donít know what the cost of ordering from the US will be but I doubt itís pretty.

    Has anyone sourced any of this pipe here in the UK or know of somewhere they think I could try?

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    You can also use electrical conduit pipe as speed rail. I have a speed rail dolly and I'm currently using 1 1/4" conduit I bought from a home improvement store. Try anyone that sells electrical conduit.


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      Hi, thanks for the help. In the UK it’s all metric and this is a dolly where making so we want it to run on a standard dimensioned rail and 1 ľ is just the most common one found out there. So it can work on other truss and rail systems from different companies and integrate with standard grip clamps and the such.


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        Yes I knew you'd be dealing with metric measurement and what was available. I worked over in Europe for a 10 year span and I'd take my speed rail dolly with me and we'd buy local pipe. I don't know what metric sizes you can in the UK, anything close to 32mm? I also made my dolly from scratch and it was a little forgiving on metric rail size vs US.


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          Just look up the metric equivalents it exists, in Canada we call it by imperial size because of American product, but will be marked metric as well.


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            Metric tube will be in decimal points, so 40mm which is too far out.