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Looking to start film scoring, what do I need?

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  • Looking to start film scoring, what do I need?

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking into what I'd need in order to create film scores and have a couple questions.

    Looking to start as cheap as possible to learn the ground works.

    I have a subscription to Adobe CC for editing work but unfortunately they don't seem to have a program that fits my need. I've seen that Avid's Pro Tools is highly regarded and seen quite a few different programs mentioned. What's a good option in terms of low entry price vs quality?

    For a Midi device, Whats the difference between getting a midi keyboard vs a midi synth? which do I need for starting out? Any suggestions on the model with price in mind?

    Last but not least. I have zero ability to play an actual instrument but I do have an ear for music. What are the odds of me being able to create a soundtrack simply by using the program and keyboard alone?

    Thank you in advance!

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    I don’t know, if you found your answer by now.

    Here’s somethings to consider:

    What kind of music are you making? When you say score, you mean strictly orchestral? Music in movies is pretty open-ended and you may find your self falling into various genres and forms of sound design.

    There’s plenty of DAW (digital audio workstations) on the market. Most of them have demos, if not all.
    Reaper is a very affordable daw. They have music notation and score to video features.

    The daws I personally use are Bitwig and FL Studio. These daws have plugins with built in features that are only native to the respective program. That doesn’t describe much, but in actual use it provides powerful sound design and automation abilities. So, from a strictly sound design aspect, these daws are the top two for my uses.

    There’s also Abelton Live. This daw has a dedicated midi controller called the Push 2. It’s a grid style keyboard that allows you to efficiently navigate the program, sequence, play instruments and more.

    There’s plenty of options and they have their perks. You should be fine with any.

    As for midi keyboards, I’d go for a keyboard with 61-88 keys. A keyboard with that many keys allows you to audition your sounds in various octaves quickly. If you need more portability, you can consider smaller key sizes like 49 and under.

    Make sure the keyboard have a true mod and pitch wheel. There’s keyboards that have touchstrips and joysticks, but they’re useless features. A real mod and pitch wheel are crucial for articulating certain instruments and realtime automations.

    A synthesizer with midi capabilities aren’t required. They’re fun to use, though. I used to own two analog synthesizers. Unless you’re joining a band, I’d skip the analog synthesizer for now. Just get a midi keyboard and load up some software synths.

    You can make music strictly with the program and computer keyboard(I think that’s what you’re referring to), but once you integrate a physical midi’re not going back.

    If you need further ideas or suggestions, you can just pm me.


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      Reaper for sequencing and native instruments for sounds is one option
      "Senior Member"???... Really???...
      Not to be taken anyone.....


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        Sorry for the late reply, I really appreciate the help and will definitely take you up on that offer in future, I've just been super busy.


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          110% agree with using Reaper!

          (but as you get more embedded into professional workflows you'll want to buy Pro Tools)