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Stock footage request - how to handle this inquiry?

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  • Stock footage request - how to handle this inquiry?

    Hey all! Last year I worked on a commercial/promo video for a local company here in Texas. As a part of that video, I shot some stock footage of our city (Austin) to use in the background or against title slides.

    They've asked me for a second video, but also inquired specifically about that footage. They are looking to get some background photo/video added to their site and are wondering about licensing it.

    How should I handle this? Since this isn't through a place like Shutter Stock or anything like that, I'm not sure how this is handled. How does someone "independently contract/license" their own footage?

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    It would probably be best to speak with a lawyer.

    States/cities have different regulations and I don't know how SS and others handle licensing, but what's most important will be to figure out if you actually own the footage (meaning you were permitted to film what you filmed) and are able to make any money from it.

    That's all it really comes down to.