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Dumb question about speedrail t6 pipe

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  • Dumb question about speedrail t6 pipe

    Hi guys, I am needing to buy some Speed Rail T6 Aluminum, but am not sure if I need 1.25" pipe, or what. The speed rail will be used with this product: Modern Studio Pipe Truss to Jr. Adapter Bracket for 1 1/4" Pipe 013-2410 ( ). I tried buying 1 1/4" pipe from Home Depot but it was the same exact diameter as the bracket, so it was too big, I ended up buying 1" EMT conduit pipe from Home Depot, but it's too loose and doesn't sit properly.

    I emailed about this twice but no on ever responded. Any help? Is 1.25" t6 pipe really a hair smaller and will fit or what? Not really wanting to spend $50 just to get the wrong size pipe. I was guessing that the 1.25" pipe truss was made for 1.25" pipe (really 1.66 OD?) but I guess I was mistaken and have no idea where to get pipe.
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    Bump - Hoping to get something ordered this Friday.
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      According to the Holleander web site:
      Speedrail Pipe is listed (as you mentioned) at 1.66" Outside Diameter. Now you might wonder why it's listed as Inch and a Quarter then?
      As I understand it - here's what's going on. Tubing is used for structural purposes (aircraft frames, platforms, go-carts, etc.) The people who design such things need the Outside Physical Dimensions to calculate their stuff. Pipe, on the other hand, is a VESSEL for delivering fluids, either Gas or Liquid. The people who design delivery systems need an accurate Inside Dimension to calculate delivery rates, pressures, etc.
      Speedrail looks like it's been specified, at Schedule 80 - with a thick wall for higher pressures, to an inside diameter of 1.278" or about an Inch and a Quarter.
      Thus, they're using Pipe for an application where tubing might have been a better choice. Or at least it would have avoided a LOT of confusion about the size.
      Hope that helps.