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CRAFT - A "digital cinema camera for under $1,000"

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  • CRAFT - A "digital cinema camera for under $1,000"

    Does anyone know anything about this?

    What is CRAFT?

    Releasing to the public in 2016, the CRAFT system will revolutionize the way we use digital cinema cameras. Designed by video & film professionals for video & film professionals, CRAFT challenges the status quo delivering an innovative design, smart functionality and endless flexibility. Join the revolution!

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    If I remember correctly - it could basically be described as their company's version of something like a Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera.
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      oh this is a camera? I thought someone was about to make a killing in the Micro Craft Service field -- micro donuts, micro twizzlers, micro energy bars...
      DOWN AND DANGEROUS :: A smuggler bleeds like anyone else. He just gets more chances to prove it.


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        It's been coming for quite a while with no more information on that website. Really important to be just a bit more transparent about what you're up to or wait until you have something to show at NAB 2016 or Photokina 2016. We've just gone through some of the silliest teasing from Xeen, and ultimately it fails to guarantee success because it's really nothing new and when expectations are raised on high, well it's just farther to fall. If you have a stunning and revolutionary and irresistible product, don't say a word until you can drop it on us. That surprise will be a tsunami and sweep us all off our feet.

        I'm so glad I never spent $100,000 on an MBA degree if this is what the best minds in advertising can come up with. Wait a minute, maybe this campaign means they've never consulted anyone about how to build a campaign. Apologies to the MBAs and ad execs in the room!

        Please move the thread to Off Topic.

        PS. How am I doing, Vic? I thought I'd give you a rest and try some frank talk on here. My Donald moment.
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          Originally posted by rick.lang View Post
          If you have a stunning and revolutionary and irresistible product, don't say a word until you can drop it on us. That surprise will be a tsunami and sweep us all off our feet.
          +1 for wisdom. Have you considered going into consulting?


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            Mark, thanks for the kind thought. As I get older, there may be an ascendency of the wisdom borne of experience and contemplative thought but it's in a constant struggle with the lunacy and deterioration of aging. That post of mine wasn't a pinnacle of patience or totem of tolerance, but when one begins to have so few grains of sand left in the hourglass of your life that you can actually consider counting them, then one realizes sometimes you just say what's on your mind and hope that it doesn't lead to thermonuclear war! I hope the Donald feels the same, about keeping a look out for the consequences of rash statements to avoid going thermonuclear himself.


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              Yes, well, rash statements get people's attention. Sound bites are easier to digest than nuanced explanations of complex issues. I hope the Donald grows up a bit, too. He scares me.


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                Remember, before Donald, there was Ronald.

                There's still a good chance that your deportment and behaviour and decisions are in large part determined by the office you hold. When a pig becomes the farmer, they put on the clothes of the farmer, they are seen by the other animals as the farmer, and surprisingly perhaps they act like a farmer. See George Orwell's Animal Farm. I've seen this repeated many times in my life in many parts of the world. It's sad sometimes, cruel other times.

                Always struck me as odd since my youth that the United States of America was born in violent rebellion but when it became a world dominant country, it's often the agent that suppresses other violent rebellions. Don't get me wrong though, it's a role I'd assume too if I was the leader of the world's greatest power.

                Oops I don't think we're free to talk about politics and religion in these forums, so apologies and let's cut this chat short!