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Tutorial for non-colorist on making your own film look

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  • Tutorial for non-colorist on making your own film look

    I admit I am no colorist. However I like to come up with the look of the films I make. I'm glad I found this tutorial. If you're a pro colorist, this is probably not for you.

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    I found this info on Wolfcrow on how to create the Crow Card. I saved it as a TIFF file. Now I'm trying to figure out how best to use this in grading RAW footage in Da Vinci Resolve. If any of you guys are trying this out and figured it, please post in this thread. Thanks!

    How do you create the crow chart?

    It’s easy, and you can do it in Photoshop in five minutes. The sequence of patches are as follows:

    #ffffff – true white
    $808080 – the thin patch in the middle, 50 IRE for full swing
    #777777 – middle grey for sRGB or the legal range, approximately
    #6e6e6e – the little marker
    #666666 – our hero
    #000000 – true black


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      Great topic! Thanks for sharing!
      Andrew Bell
      Blackmagic Production 4K Camera


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        I think some required reading for Resolve is this blog post by Juan Melara:

        And this video (same person):

        The ideas presented here are similar, IE you want to maintain a neutral grey outside of your "look". One step that I think was neglected in the OP's video was keeping skin tones looking natural after making adjustments. I'm no colorist either, but that bugged me a little. Not to mention the blue hair!


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          I didn't finish the OP video when I saw where it was going. Just didn't like the results I had seen either. To do it right requires a lot of finesse and you may as well just grade your images for the results you want without using LUTs or this technique. The methods one employs to do that end up generating your personal look.


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            Yes, I have to color my films myself and so I just have to do it by eye. Hardest part to me seems to be getting some shots to match. I use Magic Bullet Looks and I've fallen in love with it. Tons of pre-sets, easy interface, and control over every aspect of the image
            Especially love being able to isolate the skin tones and then adjust them and soften, etc, separate from the rest of the image.
            . Anyone else familiar with or using this program?
            Carter Mays
            Independent Filmmaker
            Ursa Mini 4.6K, Micro Cinema Camera, Canon 60D
            Rokinon Cine DS Primes
            Zoom H6N, Senn ME66, Mic Pre-D


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              I have used an older version of Magic Bullet looks and late last year replaced it with filmconvert and using Captain Hooks LUTS. The technique I shared here is not the end all option. Sure you can buy LUTS and also color it by hand. But I am not a colorist so doing it by eye is painstaking to say the least; and although the commercial LUTS are nice, I felt that my look is just the same as thousands others who bought the same LUTS that I purchased. So the technique could come out to be handy. I still need to use qualifiers and/or mask to isolate and fix the skin tone. I think even the person who made the tutorial mentioned about fixing the white balance and using qualifiers to make adjustments. I just think it's another technique worth noting.

              I play with it this weekend and had some good result. I know what is good for one may not suit another. But that's okay cause if I like the look then I have achieved my own satisfaction and creative perspective. Anyway in the process of trying it out, made a couple of the gray charts one for HD and another for 2.5K. I am willing to share the charts I made so if you're interested just say so and I can post it here.