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    This time of the year running up to Xmas sellers are under pressure to sell and you might pick up a bargain. If a seller has a "make a best offer" never be afraid to offer a ridicilously low price because you might be surprise. This happen to me when a euro 14k Sachtler tripod & head system was on sale. OK it was not advertised as new so given second hand price is anywhere between 50-75% in good condition it had a BIN of euro 3.5k, the pictures showed a battered looking piece of kit discarded in a back of a warehouse, it was not sold. It relisted weeks later with a lower BIN and best offer so I made a really low offer of euro 1.7k and was immediately accepted. I thought to myself I won't make a lost here even though the kit appear to be well used it was worth the gamble even if I need to send it away for repair in case something don't work. When it arrived i was pleasantly surprise. It turns out the pictures on ebay was crap. The tripod was almost brand new and not even a paint lost, all it had was a bit of dust, it does'nt look like its been used much but more like it was bought by a studio tested a bit and left in storage. I could'nt believe my luck.
    I went on Sachtler's website and decide to register it, it accepted with an extended 2 years warranty. So the damn thing is not only newish in condition it was never registered by the previous owner. This is one of the best bargain I had from ebay

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    You're right!

    I have nabbed a lot of high-end audio gear for my studio at about half-price by being ready to hit eBay in December!

    Thanks Taikonaut
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