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  • Help with Premiere Audio Channels


    I'm editing a project on CC that I got from someone else and I'm having some problems with the audio channels I can't figure out. Firstly channels 3 and 4 aren't stereo. Channel 3 is only on the left and channel 4 is only on the right. How can I correct this so that all channels are stereo?

    Also I have each scene in it's own sequence. I then have all these sequences on a master timeline. When playing back the master timeline the audio is noticeably lower than when playing back the individual sequences. I've had a look and I can't figure out what's causing this.

    Probably very simple questions to answer. I'm annoyed I can't figure this out for myself considering I've been using premiere for years!

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    I can help with the first problem. There are a couple of solutions, one would be to go into each clip and re-assign the audio tracks to be mono. The problem with that way is that you would have to re-import the clips for the chance to take affect. The other way that works instantly is to do into Audio Effects, and use the effects Fill Left and Fill Right. Simply drag the applicable one onto the track, and it will fill the missing channel. TBH, I always mix up which one works for which channel, but try one and you'll figure it out pretty quickly.

    I'm not sure what causes the second issue, but I have encountered it before, and I just go into the master audio level on the master timeline and boost it to compensate. I hope this helps!


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      My solution was to just remake each sequence with the trusty DSLR sequence preset and changing the resolution to 2.5K.