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A little Help spending my money... please

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  • A little Help spending my money... please

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    That's a heck of a post, with a lot of questions that are probably best answered by a) searching the forum, as many of these can be answered by looking around and b) asking some of the other questions in appropriate sections of the forum as a smaller post. That being said, let me offer a few general thoughts:
    1. In my experience, money is better spent on people who know what they are doing as opposed to gear. Example: you don't want bad audio. What if you bought all the best gear, and your audio still sucked? It's entirely possible. Maybe instead of spending a few grand on buying everything yourself, you just hire someone who already owns a kit and knows what they are doing.
    2: Craft > gear. Knowing how to accomplish your vision will make for a better (and more watchable) film than having the best gear/color/audio/tripod/etc. This also plays off #1. If you don't know how to realize your vision, find someone who does and work with them.
    3a: Almost no one knows how to use every piece of gear on a film set. 3b: Trying to get people to agree on what gear is best is like trying to herd cats into a kiddie pool. Both of these thoughts play off the previous ones. If you have ANY ability to work with other people, find others in your area who have a specialty and work with them. Spending a ton of money on a ton of gear that you don't know how to use will only wind up being frustrating and stressful. Also: if you ever try to rig, shoot, pull focus, light, record audio, and direct at the same time, ALL of those areas will suffer in quality. The human brain can only handle so much information at once. As much as we like to think we are multitaskers, we aren't. We can move quickly between different things, but in reality we are only focused one item at a time. So any time you spend looking at composition on a monitor is time not spent paying full attention to an actor's performance. Any time you are focused on whether you are getting clean audio, you may be neglecting focus.

    I don't say these to be negative, or to insult you at all, but to help you. If you believe in your project, and you want it to be the best film you can make: find others to work with you. Your work will almost always be better as a result of other passionate people believing in it and helping you to make it happen.


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      That is a perfect advice from jtfar.. that one man shooting adventure would costed lot of time and over equipment stocking. Probably you would spend less money and learn more things if hired someone.


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        And clean underwear. Lots and lots of clean underwear.
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