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Ruben Latre Color Grading look

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  • Ruben Latre Color Grading look

    I know he's a fan of lens wacking and others things... but I like the blue in black and white with some color in the skin tones... any clues how he does this... he's also a student or his style is close to Bruno Aveilla also...

    Really like the look on page 99 and around there... watch the video and you'll know what I mean by page 99...

    This was what he did say about a Martha Wash music video

    "Honestly there’s not too much to tell, every flare was done on set, I even shot the whole thing in B&W on camera, there’s no multiple layers in After Effects or anything like that just some basic color correction with Apple ‘Color’…
    Crashing the backs and adding a subtle blue tone and compensating the highlights with a yellowish shade…
    A little bit of grain was added to create a more filmic look"…

    This one is more of a mixture of color and the black and blue look...

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    You could try a simple blue / gold split tone style grade.

    In Resolve it can be done as simply as a two node chain (when you have B&W footage already): on one node, under the qualifier select LUMA only, then adjust your low and high handles to the darks you want to isolate, then tint to taste, in this case a deep blue. On the second node under qualifier, select LUMA again and set the handles to the inverse (lights) and tint to taste, in this case a gold. Soften the Luma high and low handles on both nodes to control the pure whites, blacks and the mix between the chosen colour tints. This is all done to taste, obviously - be careful though, mixing too much blue over gold will get you some green banding in the chroma crossover areas, just adjust handles or softness to tame it. If your footage was shot in colour, then just make a node BEFORE these two nodes and drag sat to 0 (also a good node for curves / LGG).

    It's a pretty fast and easy approach to this style of grade using Resolve; it is possibly a more heavy handed way of getting the look (read: lacks some finesse) but it might help you get started.
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      Thanks just download Resolve lite 8.2... yes running behind on my OS right now... I believe I can run lite 9.0.4... so seeing if a friend has that...