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a New Commercial shot with BMCC

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  • a New Commercial shot with BMCC

    hi everybody ... first commercial shot with BMCC
    unfortunatly we received the equipment one week before the
    shooting, so i am afraid we are still not in total control of the beast
    Color & Grading were made on da Vinci resolve ....

    This commercial for the french Cosmetic Brand LOVEA was done in Indonesia (Lombok Island)
    with BMCC, Canon Cine Lenses, a Steadicam Pilot, a few sexy models and a cool Music
    track (Tito&Tarantula After Dark)
    Njoy...don't hesitate to give us your impressions

    many thanks

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    Really like the pushed grade, seems like quite the custom color job.
    That long duration though takes away any (maybe not) intended subliminality, which makes it step away from being a serious teaser towards becoming really nice softporn. The main models somewhat slutty 'Chav'-style just adds to that notion.
    Maybe missing some actual 'product explanation' in there? Like, what that stuff does and why should you buy it? Apart from making you transform into a sexy, desirable beast of course!


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      Ye i liked the overexposure and pushed grade also. It emphasised how damn hot the place is. I also agree that its a bit long though and the product could have been clearer. I assume its sunblock but yeh could be a little clearer.

      Loved the Tarantino type music.
      Darren Scott
      Freelance Director/Director of Photography


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        loved the grade but thought the skin tones were just a LITTLE off. also final shot didnt seem to match. but overall really great work


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          Olive, I liked the concept but it might be possible in a subsequent commercial to increase the humorous entertainment value of the concept by making a short commercial that teases us with the beauty of the girl as you have done focussing on some of the typical erogenous zones, but when the admirer(s) finally reach for the object of their desire, it turns out they just want to smell, fondle, lick or swoon over her arms; the entertainment value would partially come from making fun of our assumptions about what the admirers want. The way I saw this commercial, it put an emphasis on desiring her body almost in its entirety so that if you didn't have an image of the product in the commercial, it could be simply a soft porn clip. What you have might be fine of course, but a shorter version without the admirers attention on anything but her arms would seem both more entertaining and clearer that you are selling a consumable product and not her lovely torso. Hope that helps.


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            Looks great but does seem a little long. Not 100% sure what the product was but I'm sure the only reason for that is I am not familiar with it. Also verging on soft porn indeed but the advertisement market as so different around the world, this might be spot on in it's intended area.

            Also agree the last shot seems to be a bit too hot, even for this commercial. If you have time I might bring down the exposure just a tad to match the rest, unless of course that was intentional. Then I'll just shut up
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