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lighting interviews with LED panels x1000

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  • lighting interviews with LED panels x1000

    Hi! I would like to here your advices for fast and good setup lot of interviews of sitting persons at homes and offices with BMPCC.
    Because I predict lot of daylight interiors with windows at frame and windows as keylight I think about large x1000 LED panels with kelvin changes.
    I think to invest and buy one two or three that led panels instead rent it, and I would like use big led panels at other projects.
    For this project, I suppose, desirable fast setup, 2-3 stands. I'm alone at that set with director, an I have no time to complicated setup with diffusers and flags.
    I have wide range of fast MFT lenses, triple Nokton 0.95, Zeiss Planar ZE 50 1.4, Canon FD 85 f/1.2, so, I don't need too strong light
    Is it possible with that set achieve good looking (film-like) images, include some light touch on interior?
    I have also two 160LEDs and two small 56LED.
    Where I can find any tips working with wide LED panels?
    Maybe I'm looking for completely wrong way?
    Regards, Vadim

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    What is your budget?


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      I was with my customer, who had recently purchased 4 FloLight MicroBeam1024 ( video lights from me. The setting was a lounge chair in the corner of a living room with 2 large bay windows on each side mid-afternoon with bright sunlight in the background. He was using a Panasonic AG-HPX370PJ (3x1/3" CMOS Imagers) and we were able to adjust the lighting appropriately. I do not believe that 3 1x1's would have accomplished off-setting the daylight coming in from the outside. TapeWorks Texas Inc. has since then become a Dracast dealer ( which they have an LED2000 Pro Series LED Light which sells at a very reasonable price point!


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        This look like amazing quality... but for the moment i don't test it...


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          Originally posted by matthieu View Post
          This look like amazing quality... but for the moment i don't test it...

          looks well done, any word on price/availability?
          Darren Levine

          he shoots, he edits, he frequently rants


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            About 1000 US ( 800 euros with V mount option), it from poland, in France or in Suisse you can buy it via "visual impact" (a big trusty reseller)... i project to buy one ... I inform you of my result with