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Filters to change Tung. to Fluorscent

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  • Filters to change Tung. to Fluorscent

    What filters will make Tungsten look like Fluorescent and vice versa for color balancing purposes?

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    well for a light, we would normally add plus or minus green gel to it to balance it out, but im not sure if i ever heard of a filter for a lens, if thats what you mean.


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      I meant gels my bad.


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        oh, yeah, so its plus or minus green gel, almost all fixtures are at slightly different color temps, it takes a color meter to read it correctly.


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          You want an FLB or FLD filter.

          You'll find they're not realllly that useful anymore.

          There is now so much variety in fluros, you get a wide range of CT from 2900k - 8000k and all sorts of green in there.

          FLB was for converting (from memory) a 4300K fluro to tungsten and reducing green and an FLD was for converting a 4300K fluro to daylight (and reducing green.



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            If you're talking about normal ceiling flos, don't you want to cool the tungsten then add green? I'm guessing to match lights you can't change, right? You're going to lose half your light by doing so anyways.


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              CRI and Color temperature. Fluorescent isn't a color temperature, there are 3200k fluor. bulbs.

              You CTB Tungsten lights to get daylight balance (be aware of the light loss) and you CTO Daylight balanced sources to get tungsten balance.

              Just out of curiosity, are we talking consumer fluoro's or are we talking 95+ cri bulbs?
              Steve Lee Jean
              Busan, South Korea + Los Angeles, CA