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Shoulder rig for BMPCC - help

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  • Shoulder rig for BMPCC - help

    Hey all.

    It is with great sadness that I write this, but this weekend, while transporting gear for a shoot, my shoulder rig was stolen. I'm coming to you guys because, well quite frankly, I haven't had need to follow camera rigs for years, as I've been using mine for over 5 now with great success, and am in need of your opinions.

    My previous setup ran like this all on 18" carbon fiber rods:

    Mattebox (indifocus) - hand grips (indifocus) - follow focus (indifocus) - tripod mount plate (manfrotto) - camera riser (cinevate) - shoulder mount

    It was a bit of a frankenrig so ideally i'd like something a little more solid. I'm looking at spending no more than $1500 to replace this baby but would like your opinions on what I should be looking at in this crazy market of HQ and LQ gear. Your help is greatly, greatly appreciated.

    Thanks all!

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    Tilta. Tilta. Tilta. Tilta. Tilta. Or maybe... Tilta
    You need the whole package. Frankly I would be kinda happy about the indian stuff getting stolen, it's a great excuse for upgrading to something proper. Get one of the Tilta sets from ebay. Maybe you have to shell out 100 or 200 more, but it's gonna be worth it.
    If you would need just a few of those components, of course we could argue about what to get and where.


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      I'll definitly follow this thread.

      What is your camera right now ??


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        I personally have left the dslr style of shoulder rigs and went the old fashion movie way. I got two pair of rods (for ease of packing insead of long rods), in front for focus and mattebox and behind for batteries and power distributor. Well balanced on the tripod and well balanced on the shoulder. A car sponge to not hurt my shoulder and hands on the mattebox. Works awesome. Just like a proper ENG camera when the hands are very close to the lens, I can get very precise movement by it. Some day I would like to a wooden grip or hand strap to make it a little better. When money will come my way again. Till then, I'm happy with this setup.


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          Here's the Tilta rig. It's well below your budget but I would add longer rods, push the battery further back for counter balance and add a cheap shoulder pad.

          I actually use a Genus Pro MB, Movcam cage, cheap shoulder pad, Tilta V mount Plate, U Power 130W V mount Batteris, Ebay purchased steel rods, TrusmT FF, some knock off handles (though they aren't the best but they work. Going to upgrade to NewMap) and a Varavon Lens support. This ran me about $1,800. I say go with the Tilta Kit and buy some NewMap handles which are Titla knockoffs. I've talked to some guys and they said the handles are still solid after months of use. You'll have a nice kit that all looks the same and be under budget.


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            oo, that looks like a nice rig. Thanks!