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  • monocam

    Does anyone have the monocam cf pro?
    This seems like a good solution, monopod and stabilizer in one. And it balances easy looking at the movies flyig around the web. The only thing i'm not sure of is when there is a gymbal at the feet section. Otherwise panning could be a problem.

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    It seems like, again, another product where the BMCC would be too big and heavy, and the Pocket too light . So whether it would work with BMCC stripped down or BMPC rigged up, either way wouldn't like to shoot any length of time with the BMCC in stabiliser mode would kill the wrists. Can't find any details on max load for it though. Any ideas?

    EDIT: 2.6kg max load with kit weights. Additional load is possible with extra weights to far toucan push it, I don't know.
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      I sent them an e-mail asking for prices and availabilty and will report back here. 2,6 kg load seems to work ok for the BMC EF (1,7 kg), Tokina 11-16 (something around 0,6 kg), an SSD, IR-cut and ND-filter.

      Will trade my as-new BMPCC 4K v.1.0 for two new BMPCC 4K V.2.0


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        i also send an email to ask for the gymbal at the feet, and they are looking for a manufacturer to make it for them.
        this is the mail.

        hello geert,

        here there is still not than 'pan' part in monoCam feet edition.

        we've tried to clone that part, like the monofrottro 561. but after asking several factories in China, we still don't have a good choice.

        so please wait for a while, we are still looking for a factory to help us to manufacture it. if it successes, I can add it into monoCam as an extra accessories!

        thanks so much indeed!


        I know the weight is a lot without a vest, but i like the idea of having a steadycam for the moments i need it and than quickly go to monopod mode for other shots, reducing the strain on the wrist.