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Any recommendations on Autopoles/Polecats?

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  • Any recommendations on Autopoles/Polecats?

    Was going to rent as usual, but as I tend to use them regularly, I'm looking at buying a few. Anyone have any recommendations?

    Most of the autopoles I've seen tend to be for backdrops so I would be disinclined to buy them as they wouldn't be designed for the weight capacity I might use in the future. I tend to use them more for lanterns, softlights, dedo/kickers and maybe a fluro. I haven't used them to rig bigger lights partly for health and safety reasons, but mainly you rarely want hardlights that high, and if I were to scissor boom lights I'd use trusses.

    Found this one but it's a little cheap, that or my mind has been twisted for so long over inflated and overpriced film gear. Its also kind of worrying because it is Manfrotto.

    Have contacted them asking for info on weight capacity and extensions.

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    I've always worked with those and haven't had problems (except for the marks they leave on walls). To give you an idea, I once joined 2 of them and, trying to bend the limits on health and safety rules, was able to attach 2 ARRI 800W heads and the poles were still sturdy. There was a pole extension, but it wasn't enough for the length of the wall... What I recommend you to get is 2 of these, 2 smaller ones and an extension pole; you'll have a good kit to start with, don't underestimate the small poles, as they can give you great solutions for hallways or tight spots. Unfortunately, I can't find the link for the pole extension...

    EDIT: also, prefer them in black.