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How to light this scene for a music performance?

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  • How to light this scene for a music performance?

    I'm doing my first gig next week where I'm going to be using lights (except for interviews I've done before). It's going to be a four piece band lip synching to a song. It's for an EPK and doesn't have to be too fancy. They kind of want the following but stepped up in quality:

    At my disposal are the following lights. There is not really any budget for more but if absolutely necessary maybe I can get something.

    Dedolight 150 x 2
    Dedolight 1000w Softbox
    ARRI 800w Fresnel
    Desisti 800w Redheads x 2

    Here's a photo of the space:


    As you can see it's pretty dim. I'm thinking of having the band in the middle of the space with the lights forming a ring around them. I like the idea of having big wide shots that show the lights in view before going in for tighter shots... There's some natural light coming in but I expect the lights to overpower any light temperature issues? And quite frankly a bit of blue light in the background doesn't worry me. I should probably go and look at the space but if I can help it I'd rather not as it's not so close to where I live and the pay is peanuts. BUT I do want to do a good job as it could lead to more work and of course I always want to do a good job regardless the pay.

    Are there any things I should be thinking about?

    Any advice very much appreciated.

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    I think you're on the right track showing the lights in a wide shot -- sometimes admitting you're low budget is best. Another idea is you may want to develop a theme around your location. Is that a gym? Maybe you can work it into the video somehow. And you're right about having to shoot tight the rest of the way, it would be very difficult to light a space that big with what you have available -- you would need some 2K/4Ks etc. which you obviously don't have the budget for -- good luck!


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      Hey thanks for the feedback. I like your idea of developing a theme around the location. It's not a gym, I think it's just some industrial space that's been turned into a performance space. But I will try and get some nice big wide shots and let the personality of the space be part of the shoot. The singer is a traditional Ethiopian dancer so perhaps I can get some medium shots of her moving around the space such as on the stairs and up on the balcony. Going to be very interesting shooting experience!


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        Yeah, should be fun though. If you can post something when possible I'd be curious to see how it works out.