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Cool movie color analysis site

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  • Cool movie color analysis site

    Cool movie color analysis site

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    Great site! I love to pop by every now and then, very simple, but can be inspirational
    Haavard Helle


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      Thanks Frank, interesting site


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        Wonder if anyone could guess which Scorsese film is which based on just the general spectrum? Or would that just mean you're a TOTAL film nerd?


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          Nice find, but actually you can do this by yourself:

          You can create colour breakdowns by uploading a picture.


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            From what I have seen there is seems that most of these spectrums have a general color palette towards a single or a couple of tones, but not too much difference between dark, mids, and highs. What do you guys think?

            I just say this because I see a lot of color grading advise saying to swift these to different colours to make them look more like film, for example blueish darks, and warm mids.



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              My opinion is that swatches need to be "averaged" more as they don't seem to represent my general impression of the image. Take this for example, it looks to be pretty much blue/teal and orange. His skin is almost ridiculous.. but that aside.. i feel there's two main colours. But if i cover the image and ONLY look at the swatches, my impression is VERY different. Also odd there's colours under "general" spectrum not shown in any of the dark/medium/light spectrums.

              Here's the same image put in adobe kuler at default which i think gives a 'better' idea of the 'overall impression' of the palette:

              And the same with a couple of points moved:

              Love the idea though. This site is definitely worth checking out too (not sure if it's been linked here before or not):

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