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    Oke I was just wondering about directions of movements and this is a question for you. Looking at the image below:

    a. Is this person driving from home to his/her work?
    b. Is this person driving back home after a day of work?

    This questions might sound stupid but some figment is in my mind. Please add your country to your answer, because I think the perception can depend on the place of the drivers seat. I'm Dutch and we have left hand drive cars... Or maybe some other region depending perceptions makes a difference. For me this car is driving from home to work.

    The same when I look to a football game... my favorite teams always seems to play better when they play from right to left.

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    Weird. It's definitely coming home from work to me. I'm from UK (left side of road drivers).

    But there's another element at play. I believe I've read that in Western cinema, because we read left to right, it's easier for our eyes to follow something left to right. So the hero usually goes left to right and the bad guy usually from right to left, if they're facing off in a battle or whatever.

    Same is true for up and down slopes. Since our eyes want to go down a page, stuff that moves down is easy to watch, stuff that goes up is harder. Also it can insinuate going up a hill, again suggesting a struggle.

    So this car is going in a difficult direction. To the left and up slightly. Since I'm a workaholic, coming home is bad. So I guess that's why I feel like this car is coming home.

    - Darren


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      I'm from the US, and this car seems like it's going to work from home. This might definitely be a cultural thing, but I know this instance can also be seen in Russian & German WWII propaganda: the Russian soldiers were always filmed traveling from right to left when they were on the "advance" whereas the Germans were shown traveling from left to right when they were on the advance. I think that had a direct correlation to the viewer's geographic location -- same as in Lord of the Rings, they would travel left to right heading East towards Mordar. But on the other hand, perhaps it is also minorly related to Westerners reading & writing from left to right. Moving from left to right signals a conclusion -- the end of a sentence, flipping the page on your iPad, your book -- returning home from a journey. We almost live in a world where everything moves from left to right even doors open from left to right when you are facing them! Because of this moving from right to left might give the sense of something being unfinished or uncomfortable. Thereby giving the viewer of this photo the sense that the car is leaving home and going somewhere they will eventually return from. This is an interesting question!


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        Going to work. I'm from US


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          Definitely going home from work. Like Deggen said, we read left to write. This also means (at least for me) that when viewing an image or a screen our eyes will be drawn to the left side first (of course this is somewhat dependent on the composition of the shot).

          On a subconscious level, left to right would indicate A to B, or start to finish, whereas right to left would indicate B to A, hence leaving work returning home. I'm from the UK, however whatever side of the road the car drives on wouldn't really be a factor for me here. I watch plenty of US films and it never occurs to me that the cars are driving on the other side of the road.


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            going to work - from usa


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              Coming home. NZ (left side drivers)
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                There's no traffic, can't be going to work or home at anytime that makes sense to me.

                I get a feeling of going to work, the framing makes the road lines seem like an uphill (lower on the right, higher on the left and traveling right to left so from lower to higher). South Africa.


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                  Going home in Germany.


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                    Going home, Norway.
                    Haavard Helle


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                      Shouldn't that be upwards?


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                        Funny. US here, and if the only options are going to work and coming home from work, I'd say coming home. Though given the way the driver is dressed and the lack of traffic, my guess is actually going to the beach (or the park or somewhere outdoors) on the weekend.


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                          Mixed perceptions, the question: do left hand drive car users see it different that right had drives? First reactions eems to confirm this but later reactions doesn't.


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                            I had this at art school (then again, what do they know...)

                            -Going home back in Holland.
                            -Going to work here in Japan.

                            Then again, people pretty much live at their offices in Japan, so you could still say home


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                              Heading to the local postal office to pickup their BMCC.
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