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Short slider for flexibility on sticks - iFootage Shark Slider? Copies?

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  • Short slider for flexibility on sticks - iFootage Shark Slider? Copies?

    Need some input: As I have (more by accident, bought it used really cheap) a tripod with incredibly strong legs, the Sachtler DA-100-HD (which supports 80kg / 178lbs) I was thinking about getting a short slider to get more flexibility when being on the tripod. (Head is a Vinten Vision 10) Mounting a short slider on one tripod is paramount, 2 are just way too clumsy in the field.
    It depends on the project but I am usually more a shoulder or steadicam person, but there are the tripod / dolly only kind of shoots, I imagine it to be nice to be able to just slightly push in (from the tripod) or being able to improve on talents missing their marks in OTS.

    I considered that most subtle dolly moves I'm usually doing are less than 1m. Of course there are the 3-15m ones, but these make like <10% and this is the point at which something like a Dana-Dolly is pretty mouch out because, well there are cases in which a larger moving platform that doesn't need one walking besides are necessarey.

    Am I wrong to assume that even for a fully rigged UM46 (small Leica & Zeiss primes, no zoom) most sliders <1m would do the job? I can't really imagine that what one gets between 300-500€ is so bad? People in this thread seemed to like the iFootage Shark Slider, eventually even with some fortified DIY steel rods:
    Youtube Reviews are favourable as well. There are copies floating around being based on the same principle that cost even 1/5th of the Shark slider, anyone tried these?

    The only thing bugging me is that there's so much to 'build around the slider' to make it usable, like a 100mm to flat base below, and a flat to 100 riser (or the Manfrotto 325N) above.

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    At 4Kg horizontal/9kg vertical max payload I'm not sure about the horizontal load will carry a rigged UMP (it probably is best for the Pocket 6K), this is interesting.
    Might work with a bare UMP with a light lens.


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      I am quite sceptical about the payload of something like this even for a Pocket 4K/6K). But it sacrifices a lot of sturdyness by combining a Monopod and a slider.

      All I am looking at is something with 2 Rails, not to long, quite stury for a good price.


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        I have a Shark S1 slider.

        Doesn't work well at all with the UMP 4.6K and a lens on it. Any sort of movement other than a basic slide isn't going to work without multiple tries and frustration.

        The side to side wobble (both arms of the slider) twist under load. It works good for a lighter setup, but not something at the UMP weight.

        It's best to just get some piping (or speedrail) and find a dana dolly for cheaper. Better to spend more money once..than do it cheaper, twice.


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          Originally posted by ErikNyman View Post
          Better to spend more money once..than do it cheaper, twice.
          Thanks for the input. Totally agree!
          It's just interesting that it's arguably hard to produce something as simple as a slider for a medium sized camera for an ok-price.

          Dana dolly is always an option, it's just not the 'just leave it on the tripod' option I would love to see.


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            The amount of RIGIDITY that is needed for a camera with the weight and size of an Ursa Mini pretty well dictates that such a product isn't on the market at slide-lengths above 12" total.

            I have a lot of different types of rigs, and the closest I have ever been able to come to what you are hoping for is TRIPOD-SLIDER-MONOPOD.
            If you use a quick-release plate on the Monopod then the whole thing acts like one piece. You pick up the Tripod from directly below the head with one hand, and just below the plate on the Monopod with the other. In practice this is pretty darn similar in ease and speed to just lifting up and moving the Tripod.
            Obviously this isn't so great outdoors going from one site to another, but indoors it's almost always a negligible difference.

            This setup is reasonable with sliders that max out at 36-inches. 24-inches is ideal.
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