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    I have a nice soft box (cinedome pro by Photoflex). It has a speed ring with it made for a Lowel DP light. I only use battery powered daylight 1x1 led lights now (I have a really bright one that can handle a soft box). They do sell a speed ring that has 1/4-20 hole in it (which I could attach to a light stand). I am trying to avoid using 2 light stands though (in this scenario I would need to use a second light stand to put the light on -- either behind the new speed ring or somehow in front of it). Do you guys know if their is some type of hardware that would allow 2 things to fit on one light stand? If not, I guess I could sell the soft box. The umbrella octagon style soft boxes do work with one light stand, but the affordable ones are not very well made).

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    You could probably use a double or triple header depending on what you're trying to do, but they're not really designed to be used on regular light stands and you might need a grip head and some other hardware to make it work; They're more for use with C-Stands or Beefy Baby stands which is how I use them.


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      an extra gobo arm, mafer, or cardellini clamp


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        These are all great ideas. I was thinking of trying this:

        The cinedome pro by Photoflex (light box) attaches to:
        LiteDome: Extra Small Basic Connector -

        The basic connector attaches to the top of a light stand.

        The lightweight led light attaches to the light stand with this (the light is place in front of the extra small connector) :

        This is the light (it's bright, but not heavy):


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          Here's how a super clamp could hold the existing Lowell DP speed ring. Still can't figure out how to hold the light on the same stand in the right position.


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            Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 12.07.42 PM.jpg

            Here's the light.