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Frame / speed math for syncing slow motion

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  • Frame / speed math for syncing slow motion

    So, I shot a music video at 50 fps (playing back at 25fps), performing a song at 1.5x the speed. I now realize I should have had the song at 2x the speed and not 1.5. I've sped the video up to 133.5% in Premier and it almost matches.

    What speed should it be to match? I can't figure out the math for this and it's driving me crazy. Any frame scientists on here?

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    Aww, man.... I was told there would be no word problems on this test.
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      50fps / 1.5 gives 33,33333333333333.
      Can you set a more specific decimal in Premiere?
      Haavard Helle


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        Did you slate the shot? If there is a drift, perhaps using the Rate Stretch tool in Premiere would helpful
        Haavard Helle