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What Level Of ND Is IRND Essential On BMPCC4K?

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  • What Level Of ND Is IRND Essential On BMPCC4K?

    Has anyone done any IR pollution tests with their BMPCC4K to determine at what ND level you really need an IRND?

    I'm looking at different 4x5.6" filter options for this camera (looking for a 0.9 + 1.2 + 1.8 to start, I think) and I'm just wondering if its necessary and worth it to pay a bit of a premium for the IRND version of say, a Formatt Firecrest 0.9?

    I have a non-IR version of this Formatt filters that I could pick up from someone for a good price but I dont know if its worth it or am I going to regret it without the IR cut for this level of ND?

    Are these Formatt filters even still a great option for these Blackmagic camera sensors? What about NiSI? (they seem reasonable)

    Any experience and opinions are appreciated.


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    I have a set of screw-on 77mm ND filters I've used on the P4K and the old pocket and 2.5k. The IRND is 1.2. The ND's are .6 and .9. I've used them on multiple exterior daylight shots so far and had no IR pollution on the images. The filter in the P4K must be much better than previous models.


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      Thanks for the response Chris.

      What brand/model of ND are they?