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Covered Wagon & the China Ball

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    cl1.jpgcl2.jpghi mark,

    i put 6 together with some 1/4 inch threaded bar, flat aluminium strip and 1/4 inch lock and wing nuts (the wing nuts make it easily adjustable
    to the paper lantern.
    the lamp housings i scavenged out of some cheap security lights from the hardware store.

    i threaded a piece of 15m aluminium bar so that i could use a cstand knuckle to hold it



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      Originally posted by razz16mm View Post
      I use Alzo Digital high CRI CFL lamps in paper china balls. Unlike tungsten lamps they don't get hot enough to be a fire hazard. Their large 85w CFL's throw a lot of light this way.
      Are you based in the UK? If yes, where are you getting them from?


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        Originally posted by MarkF View Post
        Are you based in the UK? If yes, where are you getting them from?
        No, USA. Seems like there should be European sources for something similar though if you do a search for High CRI photo CFL.


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          This is always been my problem and I'm looking into getting some made. Lanternlock in the US make a great mounting solution but you can't get them to the UK

          I've look everywhere and can't find a UK solution, or even a European one. There should be something slightly inexpensive around. At the moment I use power jaws that have a shaft for mounting so c-stands.


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            There's a guy in Craigslist here in LA that makes ones like the lanternock ones. I wonder if he would make some to Euro specs and ship em over there for you guys? Ya'll want me to ask him?


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              Yeah man, that would be awesome. Maybe the UK based peeps could do a group buy. I'm getting some flags made, and was going to get some done at the same time.